Write and then wrote

April 12, 1861

War has begun and we are losing badly against the North. We, Confederates believe strongly in slaves and will fight for them. The Union, is to caring. I am starting to consider leaving the war. It is to brutal.

April 13, 1861

I know we’ll beat them and get slaves back. Our general, Robert E. Lee is making plans. We aren’t winning though. I know I could lead this war. But what if I was in charge? 

April 14, 1861

I was shot in the leg today. The nurse tried to comfort me but I know I will die soon. Whoever finds my diary, continue writing.

May 5, 1861

I wonder who’s diary this is….

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  1. Natalie great story it sounds like my story ‘Haunted Diary’ and the famous story ‘War Horse’ merged together!!!! Oh well nice job

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