Jan 11. 1980

Dear Diary, I feel a bit weird today. I think that my two front teeth grew at little. I don’t know what happened but I don’t really care. It happened after I cycled to school today. Whatever.

Jan. 12. 1980

Dear Diary, I feel like a snake. I don’t understand. This never happened before. My eyes are starting to get a red tint to them. I saw my reflection when I looked into the clock. I am getting a bit scared. I also am felling weird tingling in my body. 

Jan. 13. 1980

Dear Diary, I think that it is happening. I-I don’t understand… AHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

Jan. 14. 1980

Hiss Hiss, Hissss Hiss. Hiss Hisss. Hiss.

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