Too Much SURPRIZE!!!

YAY!! today’s my birthday …. BANG!! “SURPRIZE happy birthday” my mom ,dad and sister shouted my mom handed me a white cake after I ate it I feel energetic then I forgot I have to go to school so I grabbed my sandwich and hurried to school. I arrived at school and I saw my bestfriend ,then she gave me a present it was a phone! but the battery was low so I charge it I went to class  then …”SURPRIZE” my friends  shouted .

 I went home all the lights were turned off … “SURPRIZE happy birthday “all of my family shouted  


2 thoughts on “Too Much SURPRIZE!!!”

  1. I love surprises like that! Do you? I really enjoyed reading your story. Make sure that you always check your punctuation carefully as it can make it easier to read.

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