To Andrew

Dear Andrew

I heard you saved other people lives . In the picture you looked tired .Do you ever get bored with your job? did you get there and couldn’t save her lives? do you ever wanted to go home before? what I’m thinking right now is you are our hero and that inspires me a lot¬†because almost every living child wanted to be a hero¬†and you don’t even need super powers or capes and a flying skills to be a hero . That makes me thinks that every one can be a hero with or without the powers


One thought on “To Andrew”

  1. A really nice piece! I particularly like the letter format, giving the piece a personal feel. Good use of sentencing, the short phrases keep the piece snappy and in good tempo. The emotive description is really powerful, and has so much resonance. Great use of rhetorical questions too. Perhaps you could extend the letter, by asking more about the life of a doctor and sign off, or maybe even experiment with different types of punctuation. Keep up the good work!

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