Though the cup

I fell. Down. Into space. Somewhere. I have no idea where. I am clueless. Until…….

“Honey, be careful of the giant cup. It fell last night.” my mother warned me before I set out for school. I thought my mom was going completely crazy until I saw it with my own eyes. I walked towards it, running my fingers on the edge. I looked inside and all around. Nothing. I stepped inside and felt myself whisked away into a world of nowhere. I fell into darkness. Into a world of something else. Though the worst thing about all this was, I was falling upside down with my underwear showing. Sigh.

4 thoughts on “Though the cup”

  1. Well done on your writing Natalie.
    You wrote a very good story with only 100 words based on a weird and curious picture.
    I really like the imaginative idea in your story and your interesting way of telling it ! Great opening – really grabbed my attention and you kept me interested until the end, where you had a great twist !
    Your writing is well organised and you’ve done really well with all the events in it. I really liked the very short or 1 word sentences – great at grabbing attention. Looking forward to reading your writing in the future.
    Keep up the good work !

    Shane, Teacher
    Dublin, Ireland
    (Team 100

  2. I wonder where you went, and so unfortunate to fall with you underwear on display! I really enjoyed reading this blog.

  3. The end of your writing made me laugh out loud. I was expecting you to take me on a journey to the underworld. What a clever twist!

  4. Loved your writing and your comment about your underwear made me laugh.
    Next time maybe a bit more punction.

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