This is the best day for playing hide and find things!

On one 0’clock there was a girl name Cutie.she always have fun but is not because on one day Cutie and her friends don’t have any thing to Cutie and her friends is trying to think of a fun game to play.Yes!And now Cutie know what to play.So Cutie tell to her friends i know what to play now! So her friends ask Cutie what should we play Cutie?Cutie says we will play hide and and find things.So Cutie says lest do black and white.So Cutie friends says okay then.So Cutie and her friends doing black and white.Yes!I need to find your thing that you hide now.So Cutie says i will count now!So Cutie start to count so her friends says but where would  hide it all so her friends says i know!here so cutie found it yes i found it now!