The witch stone

One day there was a witch name Sofia.She have a house in a witch land. When Sofia was a small kid she learn about how to be a witch.Also when she start to learn Sofia teacher says to Sofia mum that Sofia is very good at magic.So Sofia mum says i will buy some thing for you.When Sofia go and buy a magic book for herself.So Sofia mum says very good Sofia her mum says you like to learn about magic?Sofia says yes so Sofia mum be so happy because Sofia can talk o ready!So every day she try to do a magic that is in a year later Sofia just read and remember all in the book.So Sofia mum buy a new magic book for her to read and do so now Sofia is finish learning about magic.Sofia says i’m ready for the test.Then Sofia need to go to people world and tern one people to be a stone.But Sofia just tern herself to be a stone.Now no one can help Sofia for being a stone.

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