The weird animal

Long time ago there was a science school called science for dogs. There was a really smart dog and the dog was wearing glasses but that was weird because he never wore glasses. The dog went to his science lab and did some experiment with glasses. It was hard because there was dangerous parts and if he got it wrong everything will be bad. Then he made it right and gave everybody the glasses he made in his experiment. Now everybody is smart just like him and the dog gave everybody dog treats.

6 thoughts on “The weird animal”

  1. Hi Alice
    i like story but if something went wrong what would happen in the since lab?
    i also like your story because its very interesting and cool.

  2. Hi Alice!! I really like your blog because I like how it has a rythem to it. I have never heard of a dog wearing glasses before what a creative piece. In a movie I watch one time it was called Seeker and Fetch (Maybe you have heard of it before) And the pig wore glasses, But maybe I was thinking your piece was sorta like that movie. Maybe next time you could try to not add as meny descriptive words because it was sorta hard to under stand.
    Please come visit my blog!!!!

  3. Hello Alice! Thank you for taking the time to post on the 100 Word Challenge! What an interesting story! What gave you the idea of a science school for dogs? I loved the idea of a dog who had smart glasses and eventually made everyone as smart as him. The twist at the end with the dog giving the humans (?) dog treats made me smile! I look forward to possibly reading more of his exploits! Well done.
    Mrs. Tyler (100 Word Challenge Team)

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