The Wand Mission!

This might not sound like it but believe me I’m the boss in the magic community.

“Go get the wand that I ordered last week” I demanded.

“H-Hasn’t it arrived yet?” One of my assistants asked.

“Of course not they’re always late!” I said in an annoyed tone.

So my assistants went to find the wand. Then suddenly BOOOOOMMM! Smoke appeared in front of me and there it was… My BOX!

“When did it arrive?” I said in a tone of confusion.

BZZZZZZ….. The sound of my phone ringing came.

“We did it boss!” My assistant shouted excitedly.


3 thoughts on “The Wand Mission!”

  1. Hi Angie! I really like the words you used such as demanded. Did you know last week my class came up with the prompt last week! I have never been a leader of something, but I bet it would be fun! Next time, make sure to make your ending a little more clear. Also, make sure to check out my blog!

    Max in Illinois, U.S.A

  2. Hi Angie,

    Well done! I really enjoyed reading your entry about the boss of the magic community. I liked the way that you used verbs, such as “demanded” to show the boss’s character. The dash for the H before the assistant starts speaking was also very effective to show the hesitancy. Next time, could you maybe add adverbs to the verbs of speech to add detail? eg I demanded impatiently.

    Yanalie (Team 100)

  3. well done I really enjoyed your story its so funny and cool well done to you keep on the good work.

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