The Stone Life

Hi, I’m a…well-a stone,A stone statue to be precise and well my life isn’t easy…Why?Well because our family all stay right outside a restaurant and it’s very hard to stand still all the time.

“Darling calm down and stay still or else the human won’t buy stuff here and the master will kill us,literally!”Mom exclaimed angrily.

“Yeah bro you wanna die? If not then TRY HARDER!!!”Big Bro Shouted loudly.

“OK if you say so…”I answered sadly.

Our dad had been killed before by the master.He tripped which made the humans run in fear.So now I have to not be him…

3 thoughts on “The Stone Life”

  1. Hi Angie, I really enjoyed your interpretation of the prompt and the way you brought the statues to life by describing their conversation. Well done.

  2. Well done Angie! I really enjoyed reading your story. I would love to find out what happens next.

    1. Thanks! If you want to know what happens next you will have to remember this and after a long time I’ll write a continuation.

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