the stone family

Once there was a stone family.They were having a conversation.

”Why cant we move? ” said stone mom curiously.

”I know its simply not fair we could see other stone people walk !”said stone dad furiously .

”Daddy i don’t think those are stone people.” said stone boy.

”I thought so to look at there colors are so pretty & they could walk!” said stone mom.

”It is simply unfair for us those people are so lucky & look they are eating hamburgers!” said stone dad feeling jealous.

”Are hamburgers stone proof?” said stone boy

”No there not we just cant walk there!” said stone dad





6 thoughts on “the stone family”

  1. Great story Mona! I loved how you cleverly based the conversation on the stone people watching normal humans being able to walk and eat whilst they are stuck in the same place, and I really liked how you used words such as “furiously” and “curiously” to describe how they were talking at it showed how distressed they were with the situation. Well done!

  2. I really enjoyed reading this story. I found the part about hamburgers being stone proof especially entertaining.

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