The Real Story Of Alice In Wonderland…

I’m Alice, most of you would know me as the girl who went to wonderland.Well this is the real story.I was listening to my sis telling a boring story and I saw a bunny so I followed it.

When it finally stopped hoping I asked “Where’d you come from little guy?”.

Well of course I knew it couldn’t talk but then…

“Oh hi Ms. well I came from that!”The bunny pointed out.

“YOU CAN TALK!!!!”I screamed.

You know what?It came down the drainpipe!I know weird.Well the rest of the story is pretty simila-

“Wake up sis!”A voice shouted…

3 thoughts on “The Real Story Of Alice In Wonderland…”

  1. Great story Angie! I loved how you based your plot line on the classic tale “Alice in Wonderland” but how you added the twist of the real story having the bunny coming down the drainpipe, and I also enjoyed how at the end you stopped mid-word to show how abruptly you were being woken up by your sister and that it was in fact all a dream. Your story also had good dialogue and I liked how you used the three dots at the end to create an air of mystery in the story. Well done!

  2. Hi Angie I really liked your story. I loved the way you used your capital letters and full stops when you needed to I loved reading your story.

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