The nice pet!

One day I got a pet it was precious to me because it’s fluffy. It is fun,cute my mom don’t really like it that much because it barks a lot. I got it from my dad because he wanted to look after. It had fleas at the start so the pet have to be outside. It was scary because it ran all around and bite my little brother. It slept funny. It was really small,skinny and it has lot’s of energy. When it has no energy it goes to sleep. It don’t eat a lot and don’t drink that much.

4 thoughts on “The nice pet!”

  1. Hi Alice
    Is it a dog?
    I got a hint from the sentence, it barks a lot.
    Great clues
    From Magnolia

  2. Great story Alice! You’ve done an amazing job at describing your pet (dog I imagine) without actually mentioning what it is. I enjoyed your description as it was very easy to picture your pet in my head, however I was sad to hear that your pet had to stay outside-I hope it didn’t feel too lonely. Well done!

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