The New Year

Beep Beep Beep! “Uh, is it really time for school?” I wined. It was the first day for term two in year 5. ” Oh my gosh it’s the beginning of the second term of year 5. I’ll finally meet my friends!”I exclaimed. I got ready for school. My mum drove me to school.

When I got there at school. I saw my friends and a handsome, tall boy. I was eating a banana. I just couldn’t eat something so I dropped the banana and threw it in the bin. I asked my friends  “Are you lucky today guys?” I thought that “Really?”

3 thoughts on “The New Year”

  1. We like the way you started your paragraph. Next time look at the way you structured your paragraph.

  2. IT sounds quite good but you could improve it maybe.
    E,G; You have`nt used very technical vocabulary. !!!
    Well done !!!

  3. Enjoyed reading story. Very entertaining. Last line,” Are you lucky today guys?” I thought that, ” Really,” we thought didn’t make much sense to us. Overall very enjoyable.

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