The new school

It was Monday and Marti was going to her new school. ”Bye mom.” when Marti was at school she was late for class and hungry.”I had never been late and hungry I did eat a lot of breakfast?”. When Marti went to her class her new teacher was angry at Marti. ”Marti you bad girl this is your first day!”. Marti was so sad she did made new friends. At lunch time Marti was sitting whit her friend Sarah ”What’s the matter Marti the food is great wait where’s Marti?” said Sarah ”Here I am! I just couldn’t eat something so l brought my own food I feel so much better!”.

2 thoughts on “The new school”

  1. i like how you included i just couldn’t eat something……
    you could improve on spag
    spag = spelling punctuation and grammar

  2. you forgot some of your punctuation in you story.
    your plot and names were very good.
    your inverted commas were the wrong way[66,99]

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