The Mythical Gem

I was walking around the boiling park until… I tripped on a big ancient piece of gem. It was luxurious and was also very lustrous .I picked it up and did a gentle tap. Suddenly a intense light shine with a blink of a eye.

I was confused…But then the weather changed dramatically . At first rapid winds came but not long a terrible storm came blasting in. I went crashing into the trash can. I got up and slowly glance around I notice it wasn’t home.

From a sunny day it became a dark and sinister. The land was all destroyed. All of a sudden a colossal wave came…

One thought on “The Mythical Gem”

  1. You have been really inspired by the prompt this week and you have included some powerful descriptions in your writing. I am also really impressed by your super word choices, you have obviously given a lot of thought into the ones that you have chosen.
    Miss T
    Hampshire, England

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