The mystery twisting gun

In holly wood there was a two groups off the gun shooter called magic & normal.At 2000 they were the same school and they booth are best friend that school.Int the normal group there was Mario,Crazy,Doggy & People.In the magic group there was Olivia,Sara,Grassy & Madison. Bom!

“what is that sound?” Olivia whispered.”I don’t know.” Grassy said.

“HELPPPPPPPPPPPP!” The magic group shouted

“Please don’t do that we don’t want a fighting gun again.”The magic group said.

“But we want” TheĀ  normal group said.

“What happen to our gun?” The normal group said.

“See I tell you o ready but you did’n lisentĀ  to us so it go like this.”

So the magic group gets home & have some party.