The Mysterious Dream?

Running from a monster, I woke up with a nightmare that seemed very real. In the dream I was running away from a purple monster. I decided to get up, get dressed and go to school. I learned at CrocodileHigh. Yes, I know a very weird name for a school but the professor had a pet crocodile that went missing so the principal made this school up. I dreamed the same dream every night I was in a twisted situation that was difficult to solve. I soon realized that the dream was not a dream. It was a disease.

One thought on “The Mysterious Dream?”

  1. Goodness me, Angie. I wasn’t expecting that ending! This is an imaginative piece that had me wondering how it was going to end and I liked the use of twisted to describe a situation. Well done and thank you for sharing.

    Mr Rockey, Team 100 UK

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