The most important thing in my life

It sit beside of the wall in my house , it was big and it was shinny . The color was black and white , I also touch it for thirty minutes per day .I bought it since 2016 and it can’t stay the place that too hot and too cold . sometime it so slippery and there is a lot of string so it made sound. lot of people play it and great at it . They are lot of kind of it Some people think it hard to play but I think it just not to hard but I still got lot of thing to learn about it.

3 thoughts on “The most important thing in my life”

  1. Great story Ink! I loved your description of your most precious object and you’ve successfully managed to describe it in great detail without actually mentioning what it is. Well done!

  2. Hi Ink,

    I can’t think of what your most treasured possession might be but I would love to know! Keep writing!

    Ms Mc Namee

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