The Midnight Garden disaster!

Hello! My name’s Kagura and it all started when I got a new mansion. One day I found out that the mansion had a garden and it was wonderful! That night I went to the garden to get some air and….

“OMG! Is that a grave in my crimson rose garden!?!” I shouted.

It was midnight and it was misty. I frantically looked around and I saw a blurred human shape moving around trying to hide. Was my house haunted? I was terrified so I ran in my mansion and hid in my bed trying to process what happened. Then……………..

One thought on “The Midnight Garden disaster!”

  1. Hello Angie,
    I really liked how you used descriptive words it really gave the story more meaning. I did a story on the same prompt. The prompt is from a class in my school. One thing you can work on is underlining all the words in the prompt because it was kinda hard to tell if you had them all. Overall your piece was really good. How did your character get the mansion?
    Happy Writing
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