The game

One day my friend called Max was playing a game called Minecraft he accidentally  fell in the game so he discovered where am he. He see a yellow enderdragon playing with a remarkable singer called Justin Beiber. He talk to the dragon gingerly and the dragon blow fire at him. “Oh no!” shouted my Max, he run to the dragon and said ” Why you do that to him!” and than he found a key at the dragon head. He took the and he found a secret door. He open the door and he was at his room.

2 thoughts on “The game”

  1. Hi Mubarak. I really like the game minecraft too. Do you? I thought your story was interesting and very creative. Why was Justin Bieber with the ender dragon? There were a few spelling errors but that didn’t stop me from enjoying the story. Good job. It would be great if you could comment on my story. Here is the link.

    From Aideen 🙂

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