The Diary

February 5th 

Dear diary today the thing chased me all the way home. Now it is waiting for me outside my house. It came down the drainpipe. I was disgust by it’s hideous features.

February 6th

Dear diary, today at school the thing followed me. Yesterday, I saw that it was as tiny as a mouse but now it had grown. I’m so frightened but I can’t tell my mum for she won’t believe me.

February 7th

Dear diary I can’t believe this. I’m the only one that can see it. My friend Becky can see it too but the rest of the class can’t. If tomorrow I won’t survive….

2 thoughts on “The Diary”

  1. Hi Nean,

    That was a really cool idea, I like how you told the story like it was a diary entry.
    Maybe next time read out your story to a friend to look for spelling errors.
    But overall I loved the way you told the story

  2. * I loved that it is pretty simple and you’ve managed to compose such a wonderful story.
    * You used some very ambitious words.
    WISH: No wish your story was great well done.

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