The Coding Crisist

Oh my god! This morning I invited Katie over to my house to help me make my game, well that’s suppose to be great right? Well it’s not, my little sister practically barged into my bedroom. I was already on my 2nd stage of making my game, oh by the way my name is Nean. I thought in my mind¬†but what if I was in charge?¬†I grinned to myself while thinking of the idea I had. I thought that if I was in charge I would lock up my sister in her bedroom and make her do her homework. Well I finally finished my game peacefully good bye!

2 thoughts on “The Coding Crisist”

  1. Hi nean,
    I really liked your story and it was amazing. I liked when you didn’t use I in every sentences. If your sister ignores you, will you lock up your sister make her do her homework.

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