The chcolate Giant egg

One big day there was two builder called Mark and Sam. Sam was building a hotel and Mark was building a school. they were very busy. But someone called Jeff and he asked for help But Mark and Sam was too busy. But Jeff really need help. So mark and Sam went with Jeff. But Sam saw a giant BLACK EGGGGGGGGGG! and Jeff said” That was the problem” and Sam said” What is that is it a Black egg” Mark said” NOOOOOOOO it’s a giant chocolate egg” Mark get his Hammer and use it on the egg. But there was a CHOCLATE CHICKEN. and Jeff die RIP Jeff. THE END

One thought on “The chcolate Giant egg”

  1. Hi Pai!
    This is Mrs Skinner in Rowan class at Tirlebrook School in Tewkesbury in the UK.
    We loved your story as it made us laugh! We were thinking that you could save some words by not repeating the names.
    We wanted to tell you how impressed we are with your English.
    Well done!

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