Strange things become real

Today I will said something about my life let start when I was 4 years old I see a egg but  its so small it was small like a thumb, and I try to break  it but its does not break then I try to break it with my fork and it break I look in side and I touch it,it was so hot it was just like lava and I see somethings come out it was a little people and it was smaller than the egg the tiny people, it clean all in side the egg and the egg move and I see a rabbit it was smaller than people.

One thought on “Strange things become real”

  1. I wonder who the person is who is telling this story Imi; is it you? It could be someone else of course, but whoever, it does have a very dream-like quality. I’m impressed with the way you describe the heat as being “like lava.” Some good geographyical knowledge there.
    Well done and keep rising to the Challenge.

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