Somewhere In The … STATUE

Finding the statue , Isabella was running as fast as the wind. The boss said to Isabella ‘There is only one statue in this town , so it should be easy to find’. Isabella was searching in the park then finally she found it,it was right in front of her the black hooded statue they say if you went inside the statue you’ll find a treasure .  So Isabella squeeze in and fell deep down she was landing on a hard metal stuff and then she realize what it was it was a treasure chest then she brought it up … ANOTHER MISSION COMPLETE!!!!!!!

One thought on “Somewhere In The … STATUE”

  1. Hi, I really liked that there was treasure inside the statue.
    I think that some of your writing was quite hard to follow, next time it might be good to proof read your work.
    -After finding the statue
    -make sure when you close your speech mark, the punctuation is before you close it
    -you only need one exclamation mark
    – squeezed in not squeeze
    – fall stop after deep down- She fell onto hard metal
    – avoid generalisations like stuff or thing
    I hope my comments help you, good luck.

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