Santa’s Little Brother!?!

Walking through a lovely park, I found a statue…or was it?It was Christmas and I was already busy in my workshop with my wife Santy Claus and the elves so I ignored the creepy statue thing. I woke up with the sound of my alarm clock so I looked at the time and it was midnight so i rushed into my sleigh and set of. I found the statue again and it was my little brother, Panda! He was jealous that i get to do what I am so I invited him to help and we had a great year!

5 thoughts on “Santa’s Little Brother!?!”

  1. I enjoyed your story and I really liked the Christmas theme. A few comments for the future to improve your writing
    -avoid casual language like creepy and thing
    -capitalise I
    – read your work out loud after writing it to check that it makes complete sense, don’t be afraid to edit as some of your sentences aren’t quite clear, especially at the end

  2. Since it’s almost December and Christmas I decided to make a Christmas themed story where I am Santa Claus with a little brother I hope you guys enjoyed it. <3

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