“The mystery raining storm? “

Ones up on the time there was a country called dry. It was every dry there and every one can just drink a little bit of water. They all were black ,thin & dirty. “mom I’m thirsty can I have more water please! “bell said. “No sorry we don’t have to much water like that. “THE NEXT DAY. “it had been raining all morning! “”Thank you for giving us rain. Bell shout. And now the dry country become the water country and the country stays happy for ever.


The Umbrella

Once there was a little girl called Avery, she lived in a house near the beach. Then one day it rained, Avery saw a umbrella

”oh look mom a umbrella can i go get it?” she said.

”Avery cant you see a storm is coming!!” Avery’s mother said

The next day it stopped raining but there was a big flood, so Avery had to go on a school bus. When she arrived she was 30 minutes late but she thought she wasn’t because every one  was inside , when she ask one of her friends they all said

” it had been raining all morning!  did you not notice!!” they all said

The Evil Rain

One trillion years ago lived a boy. His name was Christopher he loved playing out side with his friends. But one day a evil giant rain came and rained all morning .Then one of Christopher friend came and said “it had been raining all morning because we were using to much water like when we played the water fight” shouted Christopher’s friend because of the wind. The wind was so strong that Christopher’s friend tripped & went in the house. Then the door shut itself Christopher’s friend was there because they have football class . and live happily ever after.



Aaaaaaaaa Twisted Gun

In a land far away lived a man called Lourise, he is a gun maker. One day Lourise was told by the king “You have to make a gun for the whole city in fact a gigantic gun,you will have a reward that is four bags of gold and a chest of diamonds.” the king told him,”Buuut…… it has to be made by silver.” he said. “OK!” Lourise shouted quickly with excitement. in a few days he made the gun.

Now in 2018 you could still see the gun in USA but it is twisted.



The Twist Land

A million trillion years ago lived a boy called Lucas . He lives with his mum dad & sister . One day the house got super old so they had to sale the house . When they reached to there new village they were surprise the village was twist but that is not it everything was twisted !!!!!!!!. When they reached to there  new house the house was also twisted. When Lucas went in his room he saw a twisted gun and a twisted bed which was weird then the next day Lucas quickly ran to the park and lived happily ever after .