the wood people

A long long time ago lived a wizard that have studied about wood since he was five he did’t learn anything except wood magic . Then one day the wizard zapped seven of the trees. One hour later the trees became the yoga team . They invade the woods every single hour and night and sometimes they do yoga for fun .They do not have family. They are always peaceful and nice and never shout to each other and hit each other. They were always together they never leave each other and been separated and they lived happily ever after. THE END

Computer Mayhem

You know why? I always hate losing my little sister at Nintendo switch, Ninja sticks… it’s because SHE TALKS ABOUT IT FOR THE REST OF THE DAY!!!!!!! By the way my name is Paige my little sister is called Pandy we love to play Ninja sticks, it’s our favorite game. One day we were playing Ninja sticks and suddenly…the ground was shaking and the Ninja sticks in our computer started to grow! We went running into the woods and the sticks followed us it was like they wanted something from us. We remembered our skills from the game, we did our flying kick and hit them straight in the face.

trees ninja

On one day there was a boy call Jeff, he was a good boy (not a dog) but he doesn’t know what will happen to his life. He live happy with his mum and dad but one day Jeff got teleport to another die-mention call The heroblind  and he saw a lot of tree fighting with weird thing that like a something? and the tree losing. Jeff come and safe tree life so the tree call him master and Jeff taught them how to fight. Few days later the thing come back and tree man beat the thing . The thing so mad but he need and never  come back. END.

Stick Ninja

Long ago in the Aztec times there were ninjas made of sticks. They were the one that created everything for the humans. One day a boy called Oliver saw a stick ninja and he was thinking who are they? what are they? The boy told his dad Jeff. Jeff said ” they are not real they have lives but they can’t move.” Oliver was eating his cousin flesh and he thought about it but a stick ninjas ran around him and he teleport to a stick world. The stick grand master said he was going to be the chosen one and show ,and create everything the people wanted.

The little elf

My sister read a book called the little elf  called tacos. Tacos like to eat strawberry so tacos wish to go into a beautiful strawberry field so he try to go in there for million year but it failed because it have a guard an he wish some people will pick a bunch of strawberry for him and he will give a gold and diamond for someone.My sister think if she go into the story she will be the one who save tacos from the guard so she climb.She pick a bunch of strawberry an she give it to tacos and tacos give a gold and diamond .THE END.