The dream forest

One day a man call Gturt went to play tennis .After that he went home and dream about that he went in to a forest with no water and food .Next he found  rabbit he try to catch it but it was to fast . Later he found a water so he went to drink it ……after 1 minute  a purple leopard jump on his back and grabbed his  back …… but he just punch it of! !!! at night he……wake  up .Next day he went to the shop and saw a purple leopard  toy he was so scare so he ran of the shop . THE END

The Enormous Flood

Long time ago there was a raining day that day was a heavy raining.The flood was enormous the flood kill many people.But this two guys name is NJ and Fork this two guys are save.fork said that It has been raining all morning. Then it make a enormous flood. They need to find out why it raining all morning.Day use one week to find out why it raining all morning.They find out that in five week it did not rain.They made the poison.  And They put the poison on the sky and i will not be like that again.Suddenly everyone happy and have a great life.


what I will do it is raining

I woke up and it is raining and I get a shower and the water is so cold and I ate breakfast and it is so yummy so much and I went to big C and I learn Thai and I went home and to day it had been raining all morning and I don’t now what I will play with I play all toy already and I will play what and I play with my bike and it is fun so much and I play with my friends and I ate some food and it was so yummy so much and I went to get a shower and I sleep .


The rain

One day they was a man call Gikg. He was in his house it rain the who day .The next day it had been raining all morning .That night he dream about that  he run in the forest and it was raining .After that his dream came truth it was raining again this time it rain for a long long time he think the world is going to be flood 5 day latter his house start to flood. He don’t know what to do so…. He go to the bed he dream about rain but all the story was the dream. THE END

The Rainy Day

One day there was a girl called Kitty and she just woke up. She had a friend at Brazil. Kitty called her friend and she ask her friend that how was it at Brazil.And she replied it was sunny all day. Then Kitty tell her about her school. After the conversation they end the call and Kitty went to eat her lunch. then her other friend from Mexico call her and ask how was your morning. Then she said it had been raining all morning. Then she end the call. Then it was night time so she take a shower and went to sleep.