People VS Alien

One day the King of a Alien Name is Tong and his alien to fight people but they are so strong and they have many people but I think now 9,999,999 people but we have 7,999,999 alien friend why did alien  kill people because they kill we first oh and why when did it arrive?I said I not know but we will go to fight people tomorrow yes today I will go to fight go I have 1,000  we will fight we will fight we will fight go ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya

The Fairy World

Hi my name Nita I’m the queen of the fairy world.

“John wake up we have a big problem!” I shouted.

“why?” said John.

“There is a space ship in the backyard of the fairy garden.” I said.

Before I tell you all about it John is my husband and he is the king of the fairy world.

” My wife when did you see it’ when did it arrive? John said

” There is an alien in it!”I shouted.

” Guards protect the gate and check on space ship!”I demanded.

“Its coming this way!”the guards shouted.

“We are going to die we don’t have our soldiers.”I said.

“It’s gone.”I said

The End

Time To Kill Predator

Long time ago there was a monster everyone call them predator. Predator live in island predator is very smart. However when predator saw people predator will kill that people no one can escape predator. But there was two guys one person name is Jam and another person name is fork. Fork ask jam that ‘when did it arrive?I said it arrive at island. We need to found out how to kill predator Jam said lets go to island and get the solider too.when they got there they go to the cave to kill predator. When they saw predator they shoot at predator head and then predator die. THE END

Ghost rider

One day ghost rider  come to Thailand and he run very fast than car and the people think it is very amazing and the police car is flow  ghost rider and the helicopter is flow him but he is faster the police can’t pick him up he crash the car and the police can pick him up and police tell him when did you arrive? I said I arrive at north America. And how do you come to Thailand he said l run on the water because fast l  run very fast because I am  ghost rider and the police put the ghost rider in the jail in police station.

The Treasure

One day a man call I went to a park.After that he found a treasure map but he need 2 more map. First it said you need to went to a Zoo and dig 30 m so he did that.On the map said to went to M.r…. he know where is the treasure map. So did he went to M.r….house but M.r….said you need 5 day to get to the map and the treasure.But he said if you went on a train you take 30 minute but you had to wait ’when did it arrive?’ I said “5 more minute”said M.r….  After that he found a treasure but they were not thing in the treasure box.