The mauve rabbit

One beautiful afternoon there was a mauve rabbit called Maraly .  she wanted to be like the other rabbits because she is the only mauve colored .But her friend thinks it is special . one day her grandfather came he told Maraly that the only way to undo the curse is to get these 5 things it is a steel , golden carrot and a tear from the tearful women Maraly went under her bed and get her things. she went to her friend house she was called Elena out and they are ready to go. she went into the forest and a snake popped out of no where


Santa com to visit

Long ago there was an old man. He is call Santa he went to everyone house on Christmas night so he can give gift for everyone in the world. But one night there was a naughty boy he was call Jon so Santa teach Jon after that Jon became a good boy.

The Little Monkey

One beautiful morning, the girl called Henny came out to find some food. A few minute she saw a little monkey on the tree. It have mauve skin and tiny nose. Henny was tried to talk with the monkey. When her be monkey friend, she think about there name. Then she called New. When they come back home, New was hide under the table. The next day on the table there was carrots. But New didn

There were three boys called Pat , Crainer and ssundee and a girl called jen. They were in there house suddenly there was tornado a steel hit there window they just ignore it. They go to play minecraft they join a sever . Pat computer fell under the table. Jen ate some carrots it was mouthwatering it was to delicious so she get some more. Crainer was tearful because he lost to game Ssundee kill him first with a diamond sword. Ssundee went for a drink orange juice he was very happy that he won on his battle.

The steel robot

One day in the waste island there are many garbage. And in the waste island it has one mauve steel robot and him name is bb. walk around alone. And then bb found a robot sit and eat carrot under the old table