the slime monster in the chest

one day a boy name Bob and he was going for walk with his sister . when they come back Bob want to play video games . when he went to his room at the basement . when he went to his room he open the  chest  that normally he open but when he open  the  chest the slime dripped through the ceiling and he saw a monster . then it start to chase Bob and he run fast as he can but the monster weak to water and he know because he see the water fell  on ground . he spray the water to the monster and the monster explode in to slime.

The slimy situation

I was at mall with my mom, I saw dogs . My heart shattered into pieces .”aww what a adorable dog” I said. I slowly nudged my mom and asked  “Mom?.. can I have a dog?” .

She turned and said “NO!”. “I thought I was getting hope but  that will never be true”. I wanted to get a new dog real bad. I asked her to go look at the “LAST” dog. She agreed .We were looking at our last dog. It was soft as silk, white as snow.

I was giving it my last hug. Then… THE SLIME DRIPPED THROUGH my exorbitant bag “Mom…Were NEVER going to get a DOG!”

The Huge Slime in the world

There was a boy name William. He like to make a huge thing at the school. One day Miss. Maria tell him to make a slime for science but he put to much powder in it . when he finished he made a giant one but he fitted in a little jar. And then he accidentally drop it the slime dripped through the science room and out the door to the whole city it gets bigger every minutes !! William tried to fit the slime in but he have to travel through the whole city finally he made it and save the whole city

A Machine that make a Sky rain to be Slime dripped through everything

One day there was a boy who is a sciencetist they called him Max and his little robot Steel. The robot help him to get something that he said. Max dreamed that he can make a slime dripped through everything. Then One day he go to his lesson his teacher teach him how to make slime dripped through everything. Then he decided to make a machine shoot to the sky and the sky rain to be slime dripped through everything. He build for one month and then he finished. He shoot to the sky and the sky rain to be slime dripped through everything. THE END!

The Magic Slime

On Monday morning I went to school early because we will go to a trip to learn about living in a forest. When I were at school I went in the bus and the teacher said to choose a buddy. When everybody choose a buddy finish the man started drive to the forest. When everybody at the forest the teacher said” don’t go in to that cave. But me and my buddy went in to the cave when the teacher were talking to the man. Suddenly the slime dripped through the wall. I were shock. We ran to the teacher and never go in to the cave again. THE END