The Red Pig and The Golden Chicken

There was a pig and a chicken. The pig name is Porky and the Chicken’s name is Fried Wings. They were eating Mega Churros and squid and they slide down the sewer and fall out of the dam. They found a submarine and Porky activate the engine and he pushed the missile launcher and he went crazy and saw a wall and the submarine split into half and the gas is running out and Porky steer to left  and straight out of the gushing water and they climb out of the sub and they went up to the land. The end

The Map of the Mystical Falls

“Ha? this is strange, I don’t remember a map in this chest?” I was looking confused. As I was walking down the road Erika popped up.

“Hi! Oh what you got there? A treasure map?” Erika asked anxiously.

” Oh this, you wanna come with me? It’s a map that…” I was looking at the map and saw an X on the map. Then my friend Por came down the road. He wanted to go to.

We travelled where the map lead us to. Soon we were at the X. A waterfall was in front of us. The water kept gushing out. We were delighted the treasure was found.


One Sunny hot day, my sister called May and she was 4 years old. My name is April. My cousin and her sister will come to my house. Suddenly  there was a sound at the door.” Hi June” I said.” Hi July” my sister said. We were going to play pirate. “We needed to read a map” said June. ” Ok” said April. We read a map and started digging where the map said. We hit something hard suddenly the water was gushing. We call the dad to fix it. The water just kept gushing out. Dad come quickly. ” Help you us fix that pipes” said July and May. “Yes said dad.

The water

On Sunday there was two Boy called Mark and Sam. One day Sam went to the bathroom and he open the bath but the water just kept gushing out and it gush at Sam face and the water is to strong so Sam went to Mark because Mark was the BEST!!! builder in the world and Sam asked” can you help me in the bathroom” and Mark asked” why” Sam said” because it’s gushing” and Mark went to the bathroom and go fix the bathroom. Sam was very happy and Sam went to take a bath was VERY!!!!!! happy and he very happy THE END

The water is just ketp gushing out

In Monday mom clean the house and I say “mom can I help?” and mom say “yes and clean the plates and cup” and I say “ok” and go to the sink and clean the plates and cup and I close the sink and the water is not gone and its broken and the water kept gushing out and its gushing so fast and

I shout say “MOM!” and mom come to me and mom say “what’s wrong?” and I say “the sink the water is gushing mom” and mom say “oh your right maybe dad can help us” and dad come back from work and dad fixed the sink