My Mystery Item

Hello, My name is Praw. I will tell tell you about my special item! It is my birthday present. I had it in my birthday this year! I ride it everyday with my sister and father. It is metal and orange paint on the top. It has 2 wheels. I ride it very fast and I win my sister every time. I won’t tell what is it.  i practice for 2-3 days. My mom give it to me and I am very proud. I rode it every day and  practice everyday. That Item is important to me very much. What is it?

9 thoughts on “My Mystery Item”

  1. Hi Praw,
    I think that I have guessed it, and I believe it is a bike.
    I also have a bike and I like to ride it a lot.
    I encourage you to keep writing stories like this because you included detail and your story was very interesting.

  2. Really great story Praw! I really enjoyed your clear description of your most precious object and the story behind it-I wish when I was younger someone had given me a present like yours for my birthday! Is it a bike?

  3. Hi Praw,

    Well done on using some good descriptive language to describe your most treasured item. I would suggest checking your tenses. I wonder if your item is a bicycle? It sounds like you take very good care of it. Keep up the good work!

    Ms Mc Namee

  4. That was a good story Praw, just watch some of your words you put I i instead of I and make sure if something happened in the past tense, don’t say the word that belongs in the present tense. But overall great work!

  5. *This was very interesting.
    *It is very descriptive.
    WISH: Just watch your grammar.
    Is it a Bike?

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