My most precious possession .

I’m going to tell you about my prized possession . It all started when it was my birthday, my aunt brought it to me and  said “This belongs to you” although I was still a baby, Babies don’t understand language but I knew it in my heart and I loved it. I kept it , sleep with it and it stayed beside me no matter what. I kept until now it’s all old and ripped . It was pink and stuffed and the leg once fell off but I fixed it. It is so cute. What do you think it is , pink, stuffed, old and ripped but I love it no matter what.

6 thoughts on “My most precious possession .”

  1. Hi Sophia,
    I really liked your paragraph and I am wondering if your object is a teddy bear? Your description of this item is really well worded.


  2. Hey Sophia,
    I used to have a stuffed animal also. How big is your pink, fluffy animal? I liked how you gave detail, and gave insight to the reader.

  3. Hi Sophia!
    That is great adjectives, Sophia.
    I would like to go to Thailand.
    My story is about a stuffed animal too.
    I would recommend using more descriptive words like it had a splash of pink everywhere on it.
    come check out my blog, by going to the link.

  4. Hi Sophia, Thank you for sharing such a great 100 word challenge. You have clearly shown with your writing how special this pink fluffy stuffed toy is to you. The toys that look well love are the best I think. Keep up the super writing. (Team 100, Wellington NZ)

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