My Gloomy Morning

One misty morning, I woke up in a moment I went to my bathroom and took a bath and brush my teeth. After wards I went on the car and my dad drove me and my brother to school. On the way to school I picked up a crimson rose.

“Hey Rose!! Over here!” my friend Penny shouted,also my name is Rose. “Oh hi Penny…”I answer                                                                                                              “Why the sad face?” Penny asked , the problem was because my grandmother died yesterday I went to her grave and i didn’t want to tell anyone, after that I walked away frantically with sadness.


One thought on “My Gloomy Morning”

  1. Hi Prin,
    I enjoyed reading your story.I think it was sad that Rose’s grandma died.Something you did well in your story was using all five words correctly in your story.One thing that you could work on is maybe checking you grammar because the first two sentences didn’t make much sense to me.Overall I think you did a great job on your story.
    Also, I liked that you pointed out that Rose picked up a rose in your story.

    From:Angelica in Illinois

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