Letter To Andrew

Dear Andrew,

It sure is good to be a doctor helping people, saving people it is a amazing job being a doctor. Is it hard helping a pregnant women while she needs help to give birth to a child? Where are you from? When did you start being a doctor? Do you feel any pressure while you were helping that women? How long did you have this job? Does your family come and visit you? What is your hospital called? Do have enough sleep everyday? Were you proud of yourself? Where do you stay in the night while you sleep?



One thought on “Letter To Andrew”

  1. A really nice piece! I particularly like the letter format, giving the piece a personal feel. Good use of sentencing, the short phrases keep the piece snappy and in good tempo. Great use of rhetorical questions too. Perhaps you could extend the letter, by adding more in the life of a doctor and sign off, or maybe even experiment with different types of punctuation. Keep up the good work!

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