Journy of the purple crocodile

One day professor clumsy was locating his beloved pet that he had lost  his pet was a purple crocodile he wanted Kim to find it . When Kim came in professor clumsy explain every thing but Kim was confused why would he wanted that crocodile it almost kill him when the crocodile twisted its tail. But Kim did what he said but finding that crocodile would be very difficult .Kim search every were then she decide to go to the professor’s lab. Kim now that he will be so sad but when she got back professor clumsy was smiling because the crocodile was already there he left it in the bathroom.



3 thoughts on “Journy of the purple crocodile”

  1. Hi Mona,
    What a great use of the prompt.
    You crafted the words so nicely to come up with an interesting story.
    Aside from the grammatical mistakes such as spellings, tenses and capitalisation, the journey of the crocodile was good.

  2. Hi mona, I’m Sam from Bury,UK I really liked your story I thought it was hilarious!!! And I think you have a great imagination!

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