Haunted Diary…


I am back here again…last time i came to this town they almost killed me…I hope that doesn’t happen again…

20th October,2017

I am awfully scared even though it was just a new shopping district… It means more of them can hide in plain sight…


They’re coming back and if they get me then whoever finds this diary will be the next victim just like me…


It’s Halloween the day I hate… NO! There here in the shopping district! There coming for me… Their following me!!!!!


This diary’s so creepy I wonder who it belongs to…

4 thoughts on “Haunted Diary…”

  1. I love your writing it pulled me in from the start I like the use a diary and I wonder who the diary is? Please look and comment on our blog site. Written in stone primary blogger.

  2. I’ve never seen someone use the hundred words to do a diary entry- this is really impressive. I like that you build up suspense. Some recommendations for improvement would be
    – Improve the formatting- you don’t always use spaces between the dates
    – you are getting confused between their, there and they’re
    their- possession- it is their house
    there- to state something- there is a house
    they’re- they are- to describe a quality
    – don’t overuse the ellipsis- you can create suspense by breaking up sentences

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