Fruit knights

“I am the best knight of Friutlandia!!! Nobody defeats me!!!!!!”

Pineapple stood in-front of the king’s castle tall and triumphant. Suddenly, he heard footsteps. He quieted again.

“Hello, Sir. Pineapple.” Queen Mangosteen said, appearing. ” I have found a knight to come and assist you. He’s a durian like our king. Goodbye!”

Pineapple stood, bewildered.


Pineapple turned and saw a huge durian towering over.

“Hi. I am the new knight. You’re job is done. Out”

Pineapple stood, speechless. Durian poked him with his strong spikes and Pineapple yelped.

“Fine, Fine. Bye.”

Pineapple sprinted away into the night and was never seen again. Durian stood tall and guarded the castle fiercely.