Easter Mystery

Jolting up in my bed from a horriffic nightmare, I strode out of bed to see if anyone was awake. Thankfully, Taylor was. She was grabbing a snack.

“Hey, why are you up?” Talor asked.

After I explained my story, I heard banging somewhere and appearently Talor heard it too. She kept her eyes on the door and window like a hawk waiting for it’s prey.

The next day was Easter, so why would anyone come here now? Tonight?

The next morning, Taylor and I went out exploring and came across… A huge Easter egg? But there was a blonde girl on it… but how did she get up there?


2 thoughts on “Easter Mystery”

  1. Nice job, Rin! I liked how you described the way Taylor was looking at the window and door. Good job. Keep up the good work.

  2. Rin-
    You used a wonderful variety of vivid verbs and adjectives that enhanced your writing with description and vocabulary. I enjoyed your use of the figurative language ‘like a hawk waiting for its prey’ as a simile that explained how Talor stared at the door. This was a mysterious ending with the prompt smoothly included in your writing. Thank you for the comment on my writing. Keep up the great work!

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