Dead Man!?…

“HELP!” I shouted “HE’S AFTER ME!”                                                                               I stared out and searched frantically for any abnormal presence. My hands were shaking.

Hastily, I heard a crack, not far where I was standing. In a flash, I spun round and saw a man in a crimson overcoat and trousers. He had a immense grin. In the misty night,his skin looked pale. It was almost as if he was…dead                                                                                                                                 ‘Am I seeing things?’ I thought.

Spinning my head to find ANY signs of help. Without warning, he advanced closer. Suddenly, the graves around me shook… hands were appearing. Zombies were emerging from the ground, moaning. I started breathing quickly and everything went black…

2 thoughts on “Dead Man!?…”

  1. Hi Rin!
    I really enjoyed your piece. Did you know that a grave yard is also called a cemetery? My piece has nothing to do with dead people and zombies. Mine is about a meteor hitting a planet. My story is science fiction. Next time, make sure you have 100 words. And when your character has a thought, italicize it instead of quoting it. Overall, your piece was scary but great.
    From, Ryan in Illinois
    Come check out my piece!

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