Computers…..Enter title here

Suddenly….CRASH….the ceiling fell onto my best friend Maddy  we were in the science room chemicals were everywhere luckily my friend Marty was there, he was the smartest kid at school he knew everything. By the way my name is Lena wait…lets get back onto the story. Marty mixed together some blue stuff and KABOOM there was a glowing blue light to guide us. We were almost finished with the game we only needed one more stage to go. Now we are finally here there is a computer in front of us… Marty touches it BOOM now everything was still absolutely still oh my gosh I turned into stone!

3 thoughts on “Computers…..Enter title here”

  1. Awesome story Nean! 🙂
    I love how you explained that Marty knew everything!
    Keep up the great work!

  2. Great story Nean. I liked the way your story took part in school and was part of a science lesson. We are wondering if your school has a science room? Our school does not but it woukd be cool to have one! Great writing, well done! Ms Ferguson Team 100.

  3. Well done for writing such an interesting story. I especially liked the part where the glowing blue light acted as a guide. Keep up the good work.

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