A boy who can’ t ate Seafood

One day there was a boy named Asmir. He was a smart boy his age is 11 years old. He was go to school by School Bus. His best friend named Alex he was a boy. When the School Bus stop. I walk down with my friend Alex and I  and Alex go to our own locker. We get the things ready we went to the classroom. We doing our work we doing math the date was 29/07/17 and Alex ask me that “tomorrow is your birthday Asmir” I replied him back “Yes, tomorrow is my birthday”. So the next day it was Asmir birthday so Alex went to his friend and told them that my birthday was today so his friend know. They think that they gonna get Asmir to the Seafood place so they bring him to the Seafood he menu it and he was eating just like 2 minute and then is red on his face so they bring Asmir to the hospital the doctor said that ” Asmir was allergy of seafood so that day Asmir never eat seafood.