The dark night I dreamed about 3 evil little pigs cycled at home,  and a good red wolf  started to run and  the 3 evil little pigs started to run to the clock , but the wolf won .

The 3 evil little pigs  was so mad , and  the  wolf  was  happy  so the wolf started to build a house  and one day the 3 pig was so mad, so the pigs went to the wolf house as sly as a snake and the pig knocked at the door and the wolf say “who are you”

and the pig say “I”

the wolf say “what do you want”

the 3 evil pig said “I will ate  your house”

the wolf say “no please, don’t eat my lovely  house before it rains!”

the pig say “ha ha ha, it’s too late!”

the wolf say “i will give you everything please ,don’t  eat my house!”