Moby – Dick

Once there was a big hole in a little tree. Every day all the people in the village Twist-can walk up the hill to see the big hole in the little tree. One day a girl and boy came up the hill to see the big hole in the little tree.

” how can this be, water inside a tree!” he shouted

They decided to dig up the tree to see whats inside. When the tree was dig up they herd a noise BANG! it was the sound of a twisted gun

” who dares dig up my tree!!!” Moby – dick  shouted

The Murderer

One dark eerie morning,Sasha was in her private room where nobody could go in .She was sorting out her knifes there were huge ones,normal sized one and small ones.She knew this day would come.It’s the day she had to kill her parents.She was mad at them for not letting her to go to a sleepover,overnight field trip or hangout with her friends at night. All she ever wanted was to be with her friends.She picked up the biggest knife.She got up and sneaked at the back of her parents and she stabbed them with the knife.She felt happy however, she couldn’t believe what she had done.On the next day at night she woke up and saw a figure of her parents

She Did It

One day there was a girl called Can. She lives at Boston her schools name is Boston Kind University school and, she has no friend in the school. One dark day she was bullied by her classmates they were calling her can of soda can of rubbish and can is living in the garbage. But she grabbed a boy by the head who was called Alex. He was laughing until she squeezed him by the neck and she said don’t to nonsense to me however , she couldn’t believe what she had done he died. They told the principal and Can was out of the school and she went to jail.

Magic Bond (Pt 1)

“Maria!” Becky called from across the street, “Come here, I learned something,”

“What?” Maria asked

“Follow me,”

Becky led Maria to her house basement.  Maria, however, was gazing at an antique painting her parents owned,

“Hello? I’m over here,” Becky called

“I’m coming,” Maria said, walking over.

Suddenly, Becky’s hand began to smoke. After a few seconds it lit on fire,

“B-Becks,” Maria stammered ,”should you be doing that down here? I mean there is an antique object here…”

“What could possibly go wrong?” Becky said, carelessly

Sure enough, she started running around and tripped. However, she couldn’t believe what she had done, she burnt the painting…

The Murder

There was a girl called Lila she was a dork at the school. One day after school a popular girl called Elizabeth was murdered in the classroom. Lily was covered in blood from head to toe however, she couldn’t believe what she had done people were staring at her in shock. She was sent to the police station the police asked her questions, but she stared into the distance. Her parents came and took her to the hospital however she wouldn’t move she sat as still as a rock. Her face was blank her eyes didn’t show any affection, the only thing she knew is that she was a murderer.