The magic light

One day the magic light from the student it is very amazing. Because when the light open it be the lion and the student think why it can be like that he said it is amazing thing because it is amazing light. And this lion is easy to angry. And when the people that don’t know the lion will eat it because the lion want to protect the people that give lion food. And the lion is a good boy  and this light is very expensive and it cast 9000000$. Because it can protect the people and people like it. And when every people see it they say amazing.

Pandelions’ of Pink Lake

Pandelions’ are beautiful, friendly creatures, but very shy. Their part panda and part lion; it has sequined pink fur and a gorgeous mauve mane. They are very playful creatures and love to sleep in packs, as lions do. Pandelions’ are omnivores, like us. They eat any herbs and meat they find lying around Pink Lake.

Pandelions’ are the scarcest animals in all of Fire Desert as during mid-spring; their fur turns to gold and the sequins into crystals. Only a few lucky ones can see Pandelions’ in their natural habitat as they tend to hide in safe places from strangers.




December 1st, 1999

Dear Diary,

Today went to the Animal hospital. I know I’m not really supposed to be there but anyways, I went looking around and guess what I did… I managed to sneak into the magical animal wing.  Well, I looked inside and guess what I saw! Err, I don’t exactly know what it is but I saw the name plate. It said…Panbbit. I know right? Crazy!! It had a body like a rabbit but its color and pattern was like a panda. It had small ears and was chewing on a stick of bamboo. It big eyes stared up at me. It was adorable!!!! Well, bye for now!!

The Abstract Animal

In the fire desert there was an animal hospital and there was a rooster but it wasn’t a normal rooster, it’s a colorful abstract chicken and everywhere it walks its footsteps was on the floor, and it was a rainbow colorful footsteps.It also had eyes that were red as roses its stare was kind and sparkly. Its wings were beautiful as a butterfly. It could run as fast as a cheetah! It could also swim like a swan. Its favorite food is strawberries, blueberries and blackberries. It also can fly like an eagle too! This animal is called the CHICKSTRACT!

The Legends Are True…

“There is a hidden islandyou believe in legends, there are many riches on it. But no one has ever traveled there, spirits protect it. Any sailor who gets close, will turn around…” my sister, Elisa , read with a sneer.

Unfortunately, she didn’t get to finish because we had to go.  As I collected my stuff, Elisa walked to the door and started walking ahead. When we arrived, our mum was reading again.

“Elisa, there is a parcel for you ,” she said, not looking up. Elisa was NEVER quiet… what is wrong with her?!

“You are never this quiet, Eli! That parcel looks like it’s millions of years old! When did it arrive?” I said, puzzled.

“Look, the stories I read… They’re not legends…” she started, “They’re real, and they’re giving me visions,”…