The Enchanted Garden

One curious day,Lula was going to the market but then something caught her eye a bright light she followed it but it went into a door.It was a while before she realize that she was lost.She went in and there were lots of butterflies around her , there was another door but this time the door was very beautiful it was covered in flowers she opened that door and saw a lots of branches put together to make a person there were lots of them doing karate but then it stopped Lula was terrified so she went back to her home .

Stick clan

“Master, I can’t talk to the ruler of this strange group. They have set up camp near by us and I over heard their plans to over throw our civilization. I  can’t interact with this queer organization. It is driving me schizo!!!” Aggravate, the master swept his colleague aside and disappeared magically. His companion was amazed.He reappeared in the stick clan’s space, in shooting range. All heads turned at the intruder, weapons ready. The ruler of the clan hovered close to Master.

“Go away.”
Master fled, disappearing back to his throne room, never to return. The Stick clan continued with their battle practices. Life went on like supposed to, until…..

The Death of The Evil Spirit

This is a story about the evil spirit…..

One dark morning there was a queen her name was Amelia and the kings called Lucas they lived happily until a witch came an and turned them into evil king and queen. The Queen never allow any body to come out of  there house. If they did not follow the new rules they would be curse into a tree yet one night there was a  girl who doesn’t have a family she lives in the forest. The queen and king saw the girl that  girl knew   the king and queen has an spirit she cursed them into a branch they both felt so angry at the  girl.

Dog Saves The Day

Once there was a stick army.They were going to take over the world but there was a dog. The dog was small it was very young.But the dog like to chew sticks. The sticks were afraid of the dog.The stick were making a plan of how to take over the dog .In a little hut lived the dog.The dog was whit his owner eating soup.The dog really love sticks because every day the dog plays fetch.So the sticks made a plan to get rid of all the sticks so the dog can’t play fetch so a stick started sucking all the sticks. the end


Long ago in ancient Greece there lived one sorcerer who was jealous about the happiness the people had,a smile always made the sorcerer mad. Until one stormy night the sorcerer did a powerful curse on the people that would turn the people to trees and only true love and happiness would break the curse.

Few months later…                                                                                                                      The Trees traveled the whole world to find a home, they had no food,  not even a little smile on their faces they were sad.

“Mommy Mommy, I  love you” said a little tree, Then a green sparkling mist flew around them and turned them back to human.

The End