The Rock Climbing Competition

it all started when a girl called Olivia was just 5 years old .She started to climb walls so then there was a rock climbing competition.She signed in and when she started a women was like” but how did she get up there????” said the women .Then the woman murdered the little girl. She signed up for her the junior rock climbing and then she won. Everyone was shocked then the murdering went on and on. Until she was belonged to a evil witch then the evil which put her magic into hers and then she became strong. THE END

Charlotte The Brave

One day at Brooklyn Prep, There was a girl called Charlotte. In Math class Ms. Harper told the class that they will have a competition about who will be the bravest of them all. When the day of the competition came Charlotte was exited, but a lot of problems was ahead of her, She was the only girl.  The first challenge was the rock climbing, zip line swinging, and solo laser tag.

Many Challenges has passed but Charlotte still hasn’t got beaten yet until she was exhausted, But Charlotte still moved on. The last challenge was tree climbing after she got up on the tree first and won the competition.

Is it a murderer?….

One dark night I woke up I also saw a  murderer. “HEY MURDERER” I shouted.

But it was just mom so I went back to bed but then I heard something so I looked out the window  m…m…m…MURDERER! “. what was that”the murderer said quietly

When I my cellphone start to ring the murderer heard it dis time so he came closer and closer until I started the alarm of the house so everybody in the house woke up. The murderer went away  but there’s still my friend Volt “how did you get up there?”  I said

“by that ladder over there” so I went to bring him down and stayed over night

Mountain Explorer

One cold day there was a big mountain explorer , climbing the slippery mountain to see the mysterious creature . Then some how he saw a human but he was covered with the smoke so he can’t saw it properly. Then he say to him self” how did he get up there?.”After that he started to climbed to the top to see the human . Then he saw it again but it have soft and fluffy white fur so he thought it a yeti. Then he saw it again but it a ugly goat so he sadly clime down and went home.

The eggs

One day I saw the egg it was a different color eggs it was. Easter eggs and it not just a Easter egg it have a chicken egg also and i buy it also and it also have a crocodile egg too why i buy my egg because i buy it for cooking then and i try to cook a crocodile egg that it can cook or not  and it can cook it but i don;t want to eat it and i put it in the bin one day later it was a holiday and i have a Easter egg