Worst Day In 2018

Yesterday there was a purple leopard coming toward my house and somehow the tennis racket hit the purple leopard .

Suddenly I ran to the shop to get some food and grabbed ten sandwiches . After that I ran home but the police tell me that you going to fast so I got arrested for running to fast .

When I arrive to the prison I escaped instantly then I got shot and went to the hospital .Then my mama need to pay the hospital 99999 Dollars so my mama left me there to die. R.I.P me

The Purple Leopard

Two  million trillion years ago live a leopard .His name was David he loved going swimming and playing with his friends His favorite game is tennis. 

But one day David got sick until he turned purple one of David’s friend even fainted. But then David was brought to a Shop which had medicine for  Leopards that are sick. Then a few seconds later David grabbed Davids friend wrist and Squeezed it for 2 whole hours.

Until he turned orange again and stopped squeezing it and he kept playing tennis until he is tired and he lived happily ever after.



The bad shop for girl!

One day I woke up and I get a shower and I eat my breakfast and it is so yummy and I went to school and I sit in a new place and a new girl come and on break time and I went to the purple shop and I went to buy 2 l.o.l. and my l.o.l. is foll down because the new girl Grabbed my l.o.l.and I tell the teacher and the new girl got time out and I play with a Leopard  and I love it so much and I play with  a Tennis and it is so fun .

The Purple Post

One sunny day, Mr. Jackson was selling a new T-shirt. It was new, it was cool, it was all the way from Scotland, and it was a leopard T-shirt . “OMG,” said Lily. “Dad can I buy one?”

” Sorry we have to go now,” said Mr. Jones, her dad.

“K But can we come on Saturday?” she asked.

“No I have a better idea, we can send him a letter,” he said.

The next day, he sent Mr. Jackson a letter, it was purple and it was shaped like a tennis racquet  was surprised and grabbed has jacket and went to………..

The Purple Leopard

On a hot sunny day, there was a purple leopard called Leo, he was hunting for food.  Then one day Leo got lost.

“Where am I, I never got lost before!” said Leo ,

So he continued walking to find food. Then, he saw a chicken and he quickly  grabbed it.

“That was delicious !” said Leo.

Then he walked to a lake then he saw a tennis shop beside it was a rock Leo threw the rock and herd his family calling his name then Leo walked back but when he returned they had nothing to eat, so he went outside to find some.