The sinking cup and the iron wizard

In a magic land there has a little girl called poppy she love flower and cup if someone make her cup is dirty she will run to the kitchen and  wash them fast as a cheetah. One night she was sleeping and a thief get her beautiful cup and her flower she hear the thief and her dog name belle bark and poppy get out of her dream.She saw everything is messy and she go out and she saw a cup is sinking and see scream and her mom and dad get out poppy try to swim to get the cup but it isn’t work an something happen there he is the iron wizard.THE END.

Wonderland’s Cup

In 1865 26th Nov, I went to my cousin Alice.

We went to the sea. I dug out a treasure map from the sand. It had no writing in the paper Suddenly! it said “Ride an owl into west sea, what you’ll meet is all I see.”

Suddenly! a giant owl came and took us into the sea “I am the legend owl of Wonderland.” he said.

Aaaaand threw us in the sea. We went to a hole and saw a tea party so we joined in, I accidentally made a cup fall.

When we went home I saw a giant cup in the back yard. “maybe Wonderlands cup.” Alice said.

Birthday Mystery

Waking up on a beautiful morning, I jolted up in my bed as today was my  birthday.  Vixci walked past ,”I have a surprise for you,”  “Can’t wait!” I replied.

Even though my birthday was today, it felt like any other day, it didn’t feel…. special. After a shower, I changed into my favorite shirt and went downstairs.Walking down, I caught a whiff of strawberry in the kitchen. Causally striding in, my mum quickly hid something in the fridge. “Morning. Vixci’s waiting outside.” She smiled.

Outside, I saw my sister in her leather jacket staring out blankly. I saw what she was staring at…. A teacup. With footprints not human-like…

Wonderful Wonderland

12th March 2018

Dear diary today was quite weird it wasn’t the worst day of my life but it was the weirdest day instead! Well it all happened when I was going out fro a walk then I fell asleep under a tree. When I woke up the next thing I knew I was in Wonderland! A weird girl introduced me to Wonderland her name was Madeline Hatter. Her father is the famous Mad Hatter, he made hats for the Queen. After that we went to Madeline’s house we saw a giant teacup stuck to the ground. Then it was time for me to go home. Bye sweet diary

What do you mean?

One night I was super excited for my teacher to leave the school! She is a horrible teacher she doesn’t know what she is talking about. We saw her mother her mother gave her a cup of tea so that she could drink. Our teacher was embarrassed that her mother gave her a pink tea cup.One day she got a cup of tea that said Bye! I asked myself is she leaving today I thought she will go tomorrow.I looked at her confusingly  by the time I ask her if she is leaving today a girl dropped her bottle. Our teacher touched the bottle and turned into a Giant cup!